How to Power Dribble

How to Power Dribble

One fundamental skill every basketball player needs to master is the power dribble. With this technique, you can maintain possession of the ball while forcibly moving past defenders and in for an easy basket. And we all want that, right?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, learning how to execute the power dribble flawlessly will easily add 6-8 points to your stat sheet every game — and make you a serious threat to the opposing team. If you want to become a proficient power dribbler, here are the key techniques and drills to rotate into your training.

What Is a Power Dribble?

The power dribble in basketball is a technique players use to maintain control of the ball while generating power. It involves forcefully bouncing the basketball off the floor with one hand, allowing the player to navigate through defenders and create scoring opportunities for themselves or their teammates. Use it in situations in which you need to drive to the basket, overpower an opponent, or create space for a shot.

The power dribble is particularly useful if you’re a player who operates in the low post or in situations where you’re closely guarded. It allows you to establish a strong position, gain leverage against defenders, and create scoring opportunities near the basket. However, it’s a skill that can be beneficial regardless of what position you play. Think of your power dribble as just one more tool in your offensive arsenal.

Essential Techniques for Power Dribbling

To execute an effective power dribble, you need to focus on your body positioning, ball handling, and power. Practice routine basketball drills that focus on these skills, and you’ll enhance not only your ball control but also your ability to control the overall gameplay.

  • Athletic stance: Start by positioning your feet shoulder-width apart, with your knees slightly bent. This stance provides a stable base, allowing you to generate power from your lower body and maintain your balance while dribbling. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and head up to maintain good court vision.


  • Holding the ball: Use your fingertips, rather than your palm, to control the ball. This allows for better maneuverability. Keep your hand on top of the ball and your wrist flexed, providing stability and preventing the ball from slipping away. Practice dribbling with different levels of force to develop a feel for controlling the ball under varying circumstances.

  • Slamming the ball downward: As you dribble, focus on slamming the ball down toward the floor with authority. Use your wrist and forearm to generate power, driving the ball into the ground. This forceful action helps create separation from defenders and keeps the ball within your control. Remember to maintain a consistent rhythm and timing with your dribbles.


  • Rebounding the ball: After slamming the ball down, it’s important to quickly and effectively catch the rebound. As the ball comes back up, be prepared to catch it with your other hand, ensuring it stays within your control. This quick rebounding action allows for a seamless transition into the next dribble or offensive move, preventing defenders from stealing the ball or disrupting your flow.

How to Practice a Power Dribble

If you want to master this move, practice the power dribble regularly and in a variety of ways. Try incorporating the following drills into your training routine to enhance your control and effectiveness.

Low Post Position Drills

  • Power dribble against a dummy defender: Set up a dummy defender or use a chair to simulate a defensive player. Start in a low post position and practice executing power dribbles while maintaining control and protecting the ball from the defender. Focus on generating power and explosiveness with each dribble.
  • Drop step power dribble: Begin in a low post position, facing the basket. Perform a drop step move (a pivot around the opposing player) to quickly create separation from the defender, then execute a power dribble toward the basket. This drill helps simulate game-like situations and teaches you to use the power dribble to penetrate the defense.
  • Power dribble and finish: Start from the low post position and perform a power dribble toward the hoop. Once you reach the basket, work on finishing with various moves like layups, dunks, or jump shots. This drill helps you combine the power dribble with scoring techniques, which will bolster your offensive repertoire.

Quick Movement and Footwork Drills

  • Power dribble agility drill: Set up cones or markers on the court in a zigzag pattern. Start at one end and power dribble around the cones, focusing on quick changes of direction. This drill improves your agility, hand-eye coordination, and ability to navigate through defenders while maintaining control of the ball.
  • Two-ball power dribble: Utilize two basketballs for this drill. Stand in an athletic stance and power dribble both balls simultaneously. This drill helps improve coordination, strength, and control with both hands, making you more effective in game situations.
  • Power dribble and kickout: Start at the top of the key or wing area with a defender guarding you. Execute a power dribble toward the basket, drawing the defense toward you. Once the defense collapses, quickly kick the ball out to an open teammate for a perimeter shot. This drill helps develop decision-making skills and teaches you to use the power dribble to create opportunities for your teammates.

If you can incorporate these power dribble drills into your regular training routine, you’ll no doubt become a dominant force near the basket. Even if you don’t always have access to a court, practicing without a hoop will still help you build muscle memory. So, put in the work, stay dedicated, and soon you'll be power dribbling your way to some big wins. Good luck!

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