Q: Does the silent basketball weigh the same as a normal basketball?

A: The silent basketballs slightly vary in weight due to noise-reduction materials, but they maintain a similar feel and performance to standard basketballs.

The size 7 ball (29.5” circumference), the same dimensions as the regulation basketballs for the NBA, Men’s NCAA & NAIA, and boys’ high school leagues. While the Size 7 ball (29.5” circumference) is traditionally recognized as the men's regulation size, it presents a unique and advantageous option for female players. This size is particularly beneficial for women looking to enhance their strength and ball-handling skills, as the slightly larger and heavier ball can help in developing greater control and power in their game. It's an excellent choice for training and skill development

Youth Size (Size 5): Our Size 5 silent basketball, with a 27.5” circumference, is perfect for youth. It allows younger players to practice and play without causing noise disturbances, ideal for indoor and residential environments.

Q: What is the ball that doesn't make noise when it bounces?

A: The ball that doesn't make noise when it bounces is often referred to as a "silent" or "quiet" basketball. These are specially designed to reduce noise, making them ideal for indoor play where echo or disturbance can be an issue.

Q: Can you get a quiet basketball?
Yes, you can get a quiet basketball. They are designed for noise-sensitive environments and are available through specialty sports equipment suppliers, like ourselves.

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Q: How does a quiet basketball work?

A: A quiet basketball works by using foam materials that absorb impact and reduce the noise that a regular basketball would make when bouncing. The QBounce™ 2.0 is engineered with precise curves and a perfectly-balanced weight distribution to ensure total silence at all times.

Q: What is a quiet basketball made of?

A: Quiet basketballs are made of softer materials than standard basketballs. These can include foam, rubber composites, or other noise-dampening materials designed to absorb the sound of the bounce rather than reflect it.

Q: How many decibels is a basketball bouncing on hard wood? On concrete? On the tile floor? How about compared to QuietBounce?

A: A standard basketball bouncing on hardwood might register between 50-60 decibels. On concrete, it could be louder due to the harder surface, while on a tile floor, the sound can be amplified by the material's reflective nature. The QuietBounce basketball produces significantly fewer decibels, at less than 20 decibels. For reference, this is roughly the same volume as the hum of a refrigerator.

Q. Is there a basketball that doesn't make noise?

A: Our silent basketball, the QBounce™ Silent Basketball 2.0, is designed to reduce noise. It's made with special foam materials and construction techniques to minimize the bouncing sound typical of traditional basketballs, particularly helpful for quiet environments or shared living spaces. 

Q. Does the silent basketball need air?
A: No, the silent basketball does not need air. It's made of a foam material that doesn't need to be inflated, nor will it pop. 

Q. Can you use a silent basketball outside?

A: Though you can use a silent basketball outside, they are best meant for indoor use. The ball will likely wear down more quickly outdoors, especially on rough pavement or asphalt, just like a standard basketball.

Q. Can you use silent basketball on carpet?

A: Yes, you can use a silent basketball on thin carpet. The noise reduction will be further enhanced, though it may not bounce quite as well as on hardwood, tile, finished concrete, or other hard flooring.

Q. Is there a quieter basketball?

A: Yes, there is a quieter basketball, often referred to as a "silent basketball." They're designed with special foam materials and technologies that reduce the noise generated during play. 
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