Our Mission

We believe in the power of sports bringing people together, and our products are crafted to make sure that the love for basketball doesn't come at the expense of peace and quiet. Quiet Bounce is more than just a product; it's a community for those who share a love for basketball and innovation.

Quiet Bounce began with a simple vision: to make the sport of basketball more accessible and less disruptive in environments where noise is a concern. We are the premier retailer of silent basketballs, catering to players and fans who seek to practice their passion in shared spaces like apartment complexes, office buildings, schools, and homes, where the echo of a bouncing ball is less appreciated.

Our Product

Our flagship product, the QBounce™ Silent Basketball, is designed with innovative noise-reduction technology, allowing for the traditional feel of a basketball with a significantly reduced bounce sound. It's durable and meets the size specifications for official play, making it perfect for late-night practice sessions or indoor fun.

Our Story

Quiet Bounce sprouted from the mind of a young basketball player who resided in a small apartment building. The lack of a suitable place to practice without noise complaints led to the creation of our Silent Basketball. From a side project to a full-fledged business, Quiet Bounce has grown rapidly, fueled by the passion for basketball and the need for a quieter play. 

By tapping into this space, we've provided a solution for athletes, parents, and coaches around the world. The enthusiasm and feedback from our early adopters has turned Quiet Bounce into the go-to brand for silent basketballs.

We welcome you to be part of our journey as we bounce forward, quietly making waves in the basketball community and beyond. For press inquiries, additional information, or to schedule an interview, please contact us at press@quietbounce.com. Thank you for your interest in Quiet Bounce – where improvement meets silence.